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The Problem

Each year, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats). The number of dogs and cats euthanized in U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 2.6 million in 2011. Reference: ASPCA

Our Mission

Pilots To The Rescue (PTTR) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, 501c3 public benefit aviation organization. PTTR’s mission is to transport domestic and endangered animals at risk. PTTR supports its network of trained volunteer pilots so they can focus on their missions and do the greater good.

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2023 Mission Stats

63 Missions
76127 Miles
828 Souls
541 Dogs
286 Cats
1 Wolf

2023 Goal: 1000 Souls!

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These pups are more than ready to find their forever homes, and they’re currently awaiting their next chapter at Cascades Humane Society in Jackson, Michigan.

Every share counts! By sharing this video, you’re opening doors (and hearts) for these pups to find the loving homes they deserve. We’re incredibly grateful for every share, every donation, and the unwavering support from our community.

A special bark-out to Swilled Dog! Not only did they sponsor this lifesaving flight, but they’re also continuously supporting our nonprofit through their special Adoption Series. With each sip of their bourbon, they’re making a difference. 🥃 So, cheers to new beginnings, generous spirits, and the magic of collaboration!

#AdoptAPuppy #SwilledDog #ShareToCare #AdoptDontShop #SipAndSupport
✈️🐱Today, our skies are filled with a purrfect mission, with Robert @gallego070 in the pilot seat, ensuring the safe transit of a special group of felines. From New Jersey, touching down in South Carolina, and making their way to New Hampshire, these cats and kittens are on an aerial adventure of a lifetime!

A heartfelt meow-out 🐾 to The Barker Project from Spartanburg, SC, for entrusting us with these whiskered wonders. And to Cat Tales in Seabrook, New Hampshire eagerly awaiting their arrival, get ready for an influx of purrs, headbutts, and playful pounces! 🐈

♥️ Supporting this mission is as easy as sharing this post! By doing so, you're not only helping us spread the word but also assisting in finding these furbabies their forever homes at the receiving shelter. If you can, consider donating to ensure we can keep these missions flying high.

Track our flight in our story and root for these adventurers as they travel towards their next chapter.

Here's to new beginnings, heartwarming purrs, and the magic of collaboration! Together, we make dreams soar. 🛩️❤️🐾

#FelineFlight #AdoptaCat #WhiskersOnWings #SkyHighPurr #RescueMission #CatLovers #CatsForAdoption
“ @swilleddog
Pupdate: We've heard from the awesome team at the @cascadeshumanesociety in Michigan that "the new kids are adjusting so well!" They're getting lots of love to help them get settled and sweet Camden was able to have his important eye surgery from a specialized veterinarian on their team first thing this morning. Please share with everyone you know in Michigan! Let's help them get adopted and create the perfect end to their journey. 🐶
Meanwhile, our volunteer pilots are still stuck in Michigan unable to fly back to our home base in NJ due to the unfortunate weather. 🌧️ We had another rescue mission planned for today that now needs to be rescheduled. Please send them love and support for a safe and speedy return! 👨‍✈️🙏💛

#adoptdontshop #animalrescue #rescuestory #dogsforadoption #adoptadog #adoptapuppy #puppylove
“ @swilleddog
We got to meet all of these sweet pups that were transported to their new home in Michigan thanks to @pilotstotherescue ✈️ 🐾

Thank you to all who followed along on our mission yesterday! More updates to come!

It was amazing to see what’s happening at the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association and the great work they are doing. If you are interested in adopting, please consider visiting their shelter and meeting the animals that are available.

#swilledimpact #adoptdontshop #adoptionseries #sipforacause #cleartheshelters #emptytheshelters
🐾 Paws on board!! Today's mission is extra special, with 17 furry souls and the generous sponsorship of @SwilledDog! A sip of their bourbon not only warms your insides but also contributes to our cause. Every purchase ensures a portion goes straight to supporting our nonprofit's aerial endeavors!

Navigating our journey are PTTR’s @TopDogPilot at the controls and our co-pilot, @daniel_baumel. From the mountainous terrains of West Virginia to the bustling energy of Michigan, we're traversing skies to ensure each pup finds their forever homes!

Be sure to catch us at 2 pm for the Swilled Dog event at KCRW. It's bound to be a rendezvous filled with hope, smiles, and possibly a bottle or two of that good-hearted bourbon!

Want to be part of this mission? Here's how you can get involved:
1. 🙋‍♀️ TAG a friend or family member in Michigan who's been dreaming of a furry companion. Let's make their dreams come true!
2. 💞 SHARE this post far and wide to raise awareness about our life saving work, along with the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association, and the Cascades Humane Society where these pups will be available for adoption. Every share brings us one step closer to finding these pups their forever families!
3. 🥃 PURCHASE a bottle of bourbon from Swilled Dog's Adoption Series. A portion of the proceeds will support this mission and future missions. ✈️
🔗swilleddog.com/shop-spirits (link in story)

Follow our flight, and let's root for a smooth journey for Blue Raspberry, Cherry, our little Lawyer, and all their fur-tastic friends! 🐶🛩️

#SwilledDog #AdoptDontShop #cleartheshelters #nonprofitlife #animalrescue #adoptadog #dogsforadoption #pttr
🛩️ Sky-high passion meets purpose! 🐾 Check out our incredible team of volunteer pilots who are not just soaring through the skies but are also creating pathways to forever homes for countless furry friends.

Are you, or someone you know, an aspiring pilot looking to clock in more flight hours? Join our ranks! Not only will you get those much-needed hours for licenses and ratings, but you’ll also be part of a mission that touches lives (and paws) every single day. 💙

If you’ve got the love for aviation and animals, we’ve got the perfect co-pilot seat for you! ✈️ Know someone who’d be a perfect fit? Tag them below and help us expand our fleet of heart-driven heroes! 🚁❤️

#FlyWithPurpose #RescuePilotsWanted #aviation #aviationlovers #aviationdaily #aviators #dogoodwork #giveback #givebacktothecommunity #nonprofitwork #volunteerwork #pilotslife #pilots #pilotswanted
Sky-High Success and Gratitude! 🌟🛩️

This past Friday, we witnessed what can only be described as pure magic. The collaborative power of individuals, united by compassion and a shared purpose, achieved something greater than ourselves. Our mission saving these adorable fur-babies was an immense success!

Huge kudos to our dedicated pilots from that mission, @vikingurthorsteinsson and Sy Blechman, for steering this journey of hope and love along with our pawesome volunteer @thebiancaofficial. Their unwavering commitment to our cause made this possible.

To all our amazing supporters: From the depths of our hearts, THANK YOU. Your belief in our mission is the wind beneath our wings. Our nonprofit endeavors thrive because of your endless encouragement and support.

For those looking to expand your family with love and furry cuddles, these adorable souls are available for adoption at ‘Cape Ann Animal Aid’. Let’s turn this successful journey into forever homes for them!

When we come together, miracles truly happen. Let’s continue creating these wonderful stories. ❤️🐾

#ThankYou #MissionSuccess #TogetherWeSoar #AdoptDontShop #FurryMiracles #SkywardGratitude
🛩️ Pilot @vikingurthorsteinsson and co-pilot Sy Blechman are currently en route, flying with the incredible mission to bring 10 dogs to their brighter futures. Among them are 9 adorable 10-week-old puppies and a tiny Chihuahua, all eager to find loving homes.

A huge shoutout to our volunteer on today's mission, Bianca! Check out @thebiancaofficial for updates in her IG story!

We're teaming up with the compassionate folks at 'It Takes A Village Rescue' and the wonderful 'Cape Ann Animal Aid' - where they will be available for adoption. Let's give these fur-babies the love and homes they deserve!

Track our journey in real-time with our flight tracker linked in our story.

Let's unite to make these dreams soar! Please share, donate and help these fur-friends find their forever homes. 🐶❤️

#RescueMission #PuppyLove #AdoptDontShop #SkywardJourney #ItTakesAVillage #CapeAnnAnimalAid #RescueDogsOnBoard #ShareTheLove
🎬 Lights, camera, action! 🎥 Still can’t believe we teamed up with @SleepNumber for this incredible commercial! 🌟 Our founder and one of our dedicated volunteer pilots showcased not just the power of a good night’s sleep, but the passion and dedication behind every rescue mission we embark on. 🐾

Spreading awareness for overcrowded shelters and the heart-driven purpose of our nonprofit has never felt so surreal! 🚁✨ Have you caught our commercial on Roku TV yet? Let us know!

As @CNN aptly captured: “When animal rescue pilots Michael and Michaella travel hundreds of miles to rescue animals, they need quality sleep to fly the distance.” - Content by Sleep Number 💤🛌 #DreamBigRescueBigger

#sleepnumber #rokutv #rescuestory #heros #nonprofitlife #adoptdontshop #animalrescue
🛩️ Love this video by one of our volunteers @pdzzy reminding us: “You can do anything you want. You are bound by nothing.”

✨ Whether it’s soaring the skies, igniting a cause, or reshaping community impact, the sky’s the limit.

Dreamers, doers, trailblazers: What’s that ONE thing you’ve always dreamt of achieving? Sound off in the comments! 🔥

#BoundByNothing #ChaseYourDreams #PTTRInspires #DreamBig #TakeFlight #CommunityImpact #PassionProject #GoalsAndDreams #MakeADifference #LimitlessPotential #SkyIsTheLimit #DreamItDoIt #InspirationDaily #LifeGoals #ReachForTheStars #TrailblazerLife
🛩️ Exciting times! We're honored to be featured by General Aviation News, spotlighting our mission with Outstanding Aviators to bridge the diversity gap in the aviation industry. Dive into the full article via our link in story! 🗞️

👩‍✈️ Pictured here is one of our nominees, @jessica.burch. From her first flight at 15, Jessica has soared above and beyond, not only mastering the skies but also championing for women in aviation. Being the sole female to commission in her Army ROTC class and one of only two flying Blackhawks from her Flight School course. Today, she’s a beacon in her MEDEVAC Unit in Sacramento, CA, standing as its only female aviator. Learn more about Jessica’s aviation journey @outstandingaviators

Know an inspiring pilot like Jessica? Or is that pilot YOU? Nominate or apply for our Outstanding Aviators 2024 Annual Awards and join us in celebrating diversity in the cockpit. 🛫✨ Or support us as a sponsor, and let's reshape aviation together!

#OutstandingAviators #DiversityInAviation
#AviationForAll #FlyDiverse #AviationInclusion #PilotsOfDiversity #EqualSkies #WomenInAviation #LGBTQAviators #MinorityPilots #FlightEquality #AviationChangeMakers
🐾 Another pawsome rescue story 📖 ~ Victoria and Kellen Darmody reached out to share the amazing journey of their precious pup, Chessie. Rescued during our 9/18/22 transport from Texas, this vibrant soul found her forever home with the Darmody family a few weeks later.

It's not just about saving a life; it's about creating countless cherished memories - from the very first meeting to birthday celebrations and everyday joys. Chessie's journey from Texas to bedtime snuggles, squirrel-watching sessions, and her special birthday moments perfectly captures this sentiment.

The happiness in the eyes of both the rescues and their families is the driving force behind every mission we undertake at PTTR. Swipe to witness Chessie's beautiful milestones with her loving family and be reminded of the profound joy that comes with choosing to adopt. 🐕❤️

To every family who has opened their home and heart, your stories inspire us daily. 🙏

#ChessiesJourney #RescueStory #pawsome #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuepets #rescuepet #rescuepetsrock #rescueddogsrock #foreverfamily #furever #fureverhome #fureverlove #fureverfamily

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