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The Problem

Each year, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats). The number of dogs and cats euthanized in U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 2.6 million in 2011. Reference: ASPCA

Our Mission

Pilots To The Rescue (PTTR) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, 501c3 public benefit aviation organization. PTTR’s mission is to transport domestic and endangered animals at risk. PTTR supports its network of trained volunteer pilots so they can focus on their missions and do the greater good.

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2023 Mission Stats

70 Missions
86863 Miles
934 Souls
605 Dogs
328 Cats
1 Wolf

2023 Goal: 1000 Souls!

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The team at Pilots To The Rescue is feeling more thankful than ever lately. Though our fleet was grounded this past month, our incredible drivers allowed us to save 28 dogs from euthanasia, including a very scared momma dog and her 4 newborn puppies. We’re also grateful for our dedicated shelter partners, who were able to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs at reasonable locations for our East Coast-based crew.

In this month’s newsletter 🗞️ (link in story), you can meet some of the dogs we rescued in November, all of whom are now healthy and safe in larger shelters with more space and resources. You can also learn a helpful tip for preparing your adopted dog to be left alone in a new home!

Thank you for your support in making these missions possible! 💙 Link in story to read more and see how you’ve made a difference!

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On this #GivingTuesday, what better way for PTTR to give back than doing what we do best – rescuing those who give us unconditional love in return. Today, our mission is all about new beginnings for 13 precious lives – puppies and dogs. 🐾🚗

Our ground hero Albert is on a journey to Knoxville, TN, to bring these deserving dogs from Polk County, GA Animal Adoption & Recovery Shelter and Huckaby’s Hope for Paws to the loving arms of our pawesome partners at Second Hand Dog Rescue in Binghamton, NY.

Your support on this @GivingTuesday goes directly towards critical missions like these. It helps us cover the costs of transport, care, and ensuring each of these souls finds a path to a loving forever home. 🏡❤️

👉 Please donate to our GivingTuesday fundraiser. Let’s turn this day into a lifeline for these lucky 13 🐶 and many more to come. Remember, the first $1,000 donated will be matched by our friends at Swilled Dog!

With every dollar, you’re not just contributing; you’re changing lives. Let’s make this GivingTuesday count for these furry friends who depend on us.

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🥳 Today’s the day! @GivingTuesday has arrived! Huge thanks to @SwilledDog for doubling the kindness by matching the first $1,000 donated – they did it last year, and they’re back to amplify our impact! 🙌💖

Even if donating isn’t an option for you right now, your voice has power. Share our fundraiser on your Instagram story or Facebook feed. Every share, every mention, every bit of awareness helps us more than you know. 📣🌐

And for our generous supporters contributing over $100 – watch your DMs! We’ll be reaching out for you to choose your free PTTR calendar or tote bag as our token of appreciation. 🎁

👉 Donate, share, and be part of our beautiful journey of giving at-risk animals a second chance. 💙

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🛠️ Big News for Big Maw! 🛠️
We are finally making progress with Big Maw’s engine overhaul and we’re crossing our fingers for clear skies by the end of this month! 🌤️✈️

But, to get her soaring again, we need your help. Our Giving Tuesday fundraiser is already live, and it’s the perfect time to lend your support. As we gear up for this special day of giving, your donations towards Big Maw’s new engine will be instrumental in reigniting our mission in the skies. 🚀🐾

While our ground heroes have been doing an incredible job on the road, it’s time for Big Maw to take flight once again. Our pilots are ready to do what we do best: rescuing countless animals from unnecessary euthanasia. 🐶🐱

Remember, the first $1,000 donated on our Giving Tuesday fundraiser will be matched by our friends at Swilled Dog, doubling the impact of your generosity! 💰🐕

And that’s not all – as a token of our gratitude, anyone who donates over $100 will receive a special gift from us: a PTTR calendar or tote bag, shipped right to your door! 🎁

Your support can make all the difference. Let’s get Big Maw back in the air and save more lives together. Please donate today and be a part of this beautiful cycle of giving and rescuing.

Thank you 🙏💙

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In a heart-wrenching video, we witness Maz’s fear as she enters animal control, uncertain and fiercely protective of her puppies. This footage, captured by Shannon Hicks Camp at Polk County Animal Control, reveals the depth of a mother’s instinct.

We’re immensely grateful to have played a role in Maz’s rescue, offering our free transport services collaborating with our shelter partners at Second Hand Dog Rescue ensuring a safe haven for Maz and her little ones to get adopted.

Maz’s story is a powerful reminder of the misunderstood behaviors of dogs in distress and the profound impact of collaboration in changing their futures.

Your support is vital. With each donation, we continue rewriting the narratives of countless dogs like Maz, steering them away from a certain fate that happens way too often for dogs in this situation.

Let’s continue to share Maz’s story, to help find her and her pups the loving families they so deserve. 🐕❤️

#MazsJourney #RescueAndHope #DonateToSaveLives
Happy Thanksgiving from Pilots to the Rescue! 🍁🐾✈️

As our furry friends gather ‘round their stuffed turkey (no animals were harmed in the making of this feast!), we’re filled with immense gratitude. Today, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to our extraordinary community - our pawesome volunteers, dedicated pilots, and unwavering supporters. 🧡

Thanksgiving is a celebration of giving and sharing, and thanks to you, we’ve been able to give countless animals the most precious gift of all - a second chance at life. Each rescue, each flight, each journey home, has been made possible because of your generosity and belief in our mission. 🐶🐱

In this season of gratitude, we’d love to hear from you! What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments. Let’s share the warmth and joy of this beautiful day.

And don’t forget, in the spirit of giving, we’re offering a special token of appreciation. For every donation over $100 made in November, we’re giving away a free PTTR calendar or tote bag. 🎁✨

Here’s to a day filled with love, laughter, and plenty of tail wags. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🍂🥧

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🐾Just days ago, the courageous Maz and her newborn puppies faced an uncertain fate at an overcrowded shelter in Polk County, Georgia. Overwhelmed and fearful, Maz’s protective nature as a new mother was misunderstood as aggression.

This poignant tale underscores the dire consequences of pet neglect and the urgent need for responsible spaying/neutering.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team yesterday and Second Hand Dog Rescue, Maz’s story is now one of hope.

Let’s continue to spread awareness and compassion for animals like Maz - every share and every donation makes a difference. 🐕

Together, we can turn the tide for these innocent lives. Thank you for supporting our nonprofit work. 🙏

To learn more about Maz’s story visit: (link in story)

#MazAndHerPuppies #AnimalRescueHeroes #SpayAndNeuterAwareness
🚗🐾 Urgent Rescue Alert! Today, 11/21, our hero Albert embarks on a mission of hope to Harrisburg, PA. Among the 13 dogs awaiting rescue is Maz, a three-year-old husky blend, and her four newborn puppies. Heartbreakingly surrendered to an overcrowded shelter in Polk County, GA, Maz and her babies have faced fear and uncertainty. Their story is a stark reminder of the consequences of pet neglect and the urgent need for compassionate rescue.

🥺 Read more here: (link in story)

These precious souls, including Maz’s innocent puppies, are looking towards a future filled with love and care at Second Hand Dog Rescue. We are on a crucial journey to turn their plight into a story of survival and love.

You can make a difference!

• 🔄 Share this post to reach potential adopters and supporters.
• 🏠 Consider adopting one of these deserving dogs.
• ♥️ Consider donating to support more rescue missions like this.

Together, we can change their fate and offer them the loving homes they so desperately need. Every share, every act of kindness brings them closer to a brighter tomorrow. 🌍❤️

#PilotsToTheRescue #SaveMazAndHerPuppies #RescueJourney #AdoptDontShop #SpreadTheWord #PawsOfHope #DogRescueMission
Shop for a Cause This Holiday Season! 🎁 shop.pilotstotherescue.org 🎁

As the buzz of #BlackFriday shopping begins, why not make your purchases count for more? Consider PTTR merch for those special gifts – each item is not just a present, it’s a pledge to save lives. 🐾💙

Every piece of merchandise is a symbol of hope and support for our mission to #AdoptNotShop and reduce euthanasia rates. Wearing our gear means spreading the word about our crucial #nonprofit work, and inspiring more people to join our cause. 🚀🐕🐱

We’re making it even easier for you – all shipping fees are on us! It’s our way of thanking you for standing with us and the animals we rescue. So dive into our custom collection, find the perfect gifts, and help make a difference this holiday season. 🙏✨

Let’s fill our carts with care and our hearts with the joy of giving! 🥰🎊

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Tomorrow, our dedicated volunteer driver Albert embarks on another rescue mission. His task? To safely escort Zeus and Xena, two majestic Cane Corsos, from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter to the caring arms of Must Love Corsos Rescue.

Zeus and Xena, each a gentle giant in their own right, are set to begin a new chapter in their lives. Weighing in at a combined near 200 pounds, their size is matched only by the size of their hearts.

We are immensely grateful to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter for entrusting us with these noble dogs and to Must Love Corsos Rescue for opening their doors and hearts to provide Zeus and Xena with the love and care they deserve.

While our wings are temporarily clipped with our planes in repair, our mission to rescue and rehome doesn’t hit the brakes. Every mile driven by Albert is a testament to our commitment to these animals and the promise of better days ahead.

Join us in following Albert’s journey as he delivers hope on four paws. Share this post to spread the word and showcase the power of compassion and community. Every share, every like, every comment brings us closer to finding loving homes for these deserving souls.

#CaneCorsoRescue #PilotsToTheRescue #RoadTransport #BigDogsBigHearts #TownOfHempstead #MustLoveCorsos #RescueJourney #ShareToCare #AdoptDontShop 🚗🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺
Meet Jason, one of our pawesome volunteer pilots! His passion for animal welfare🐾 and skills👨‍✈️ are key in helping us rescue more furry friends. As our volunteer family grows – pilots, drivers, shelters, and support crew – the need for a bigger plane like the Cessna Caravan becomes even more crucial. 🛩️🐾

With a plane like that, we could do more rescues, save more lives, and have less downtime. Let’s show some love to Jason and work together to save as many animals as possible. Every mission, every volunteer, and every donation counts! 🚀💙

#PilotsToTheRescue #HeroPilotJason #CessnaCaravan #RescueMissions #VolunteerPower 🐶✈️🐱

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