500 Miles with Cheryl Martinez - 19++++ Pets Saved!

500 Miles with Cheryl Martinez - 19++++ Pets Saved!

Pregnant black & white cat Snoopy

500 Miles with Cheryl Martinez - 19++++ Pets Saved!

In early February, Pilots to the Rescue Top Dog Michael Schneider and co-pilot Cheryl Martinez® an American Entertainer & Health Coach from NYC, made the now-familiar run from Pittsylvania Pet Center, an overly full municipal shelter in Chatham, Virginia to Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland. They made the 500-mile flight in a little over three hours saving a whopping 5 dogs and 14 cats.


Adoptable dog Bubbles

Our friends at Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland report that of the 14 cats on the flight, Akira, Yukio, Espeon, Jean Simmon, Carmel, Doris Day, Merlin, Don Henley, Garfield, Blaziken, and Ollie are all already adopted! Amoonguss and Arbok are still to young but are thriving in foster care. Snoopy surprised everyone with a totally unexpected pregnancy, and she is also in a foster home where she can deliver her precious kittens in a safe, warm, loving environment. Of the 5 dogs who made the trip, Woody and Tinker Bell are adopted, Shadow and Holly are spoken for, but Bubbles (right) is still available.

Bubbles is a handsome two year old Rottweiler mix who is super smart and enjoys being busy. His favorite activities are long walks in the woods and on the beach, feeder puzzles and playing fetch. If you love big, happy dogs, find our more about Bubbles on the ARL website.



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