Phase Texas Puppies

Progreso Lakes, TX   ✈   Penllyn, PA

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  • Origin: Progreso Lakes, TX

  • Travel: Progreso Lakes, TX   ✈   Penllyn, PA

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    Flight "Phase Texas Puppies"

    From: Nashville, TN (PNE)
    To: Philadelphia, PA (PNE)

    When: December 13, 2023

    Drive "Phase Texas Puppies"

    From: Pottstown PA
    To: Penllyn PA

    When: November 21, 2023 through November 28, 2023

  • Destination: Penllyn, PA

There are 2 puppies located in Texas that we are trying to find transport for to our rescue, Riley's Rescue, located in Pennsylvania. If you can help in any way by driving part of the trip or flying part of the trip, please contact Cheryl with Rylie's Rescue at 609-221-4092. THANK YOU so much!

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