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Kairo was part of a litter that was picked up by our animal control as a cruelty case. The whole litter was skinny and scared; some were more scared than others. Due to our capacity crisis, Kairo and his litter were discussed for euthanasia because we do not have the resources to work with them. We have reached out to several Malinois and Dutch Shepherds without any luck. Thankfully, we finally got a response from Barron with Malinois Rescue of San Diego. Since they are a smaller rescue, they could only take one from the litter. This is Kairo's only shot at leaving this shelter. Please help us help Kairo to San Diego!

We are the only open-in-take shelter for East Baton Rouge Parish. We are responsible for taking in all the lost, unwanted, and abandoned animals. We are expecting to take in 10,000 animals total by year end this year. We are extremely over-capacity and are having to make space-based decisions daily. We try to work with local rescues as much as possible, but unfortunately, they are also starting to fill up.

If you can help with any portion of this mission request, whether it be via driving or flying, please contact J.T. at 225-572-8044 or via email at  THANK YOU!!!!

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