Operation Mama Dog

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I have been working with rescue a very long time and I have a friend who went to the Bahamas on vacation and {unexpectedly} rescued a dog in need. The dog is currently being boarded in the bahamas and has all of her vaccines/vetting and can get a health cert whenever she is ready to head to the US.  She is ready to leave the Bahamas any time. Mama Dog's final destination s the New England area.  I picked an airport in South Carolina to bring her too but we are very flexible on drop off location (airports) and date/time.   Here is the story: https://www.facebook.com/1234230315/videos/1181092326401485/ 

If you can help with any legs of this mission via driving or flying, it is important that you click the "MAKE AN OFFER BELOW" button. Any specific questions about this mission should be sent to Jillian Kaplan at jilliangarone@gmail.com or call/text to 508-333-1431. THANK YOU!

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