Save the Potcakes Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas   ✈   West Palm Beach, FL

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  • Origin: Nassau, Bahamas

  • Travel: Nassau, Bahamas   ✈   Stuart, FL

    Offer transportation for part or this leg or all of this leg     2 offers

    Flight "Save the Potcakes Bahamas "

    From: Nassau, BS-NP (PBI)
    To: West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)

    When: Flexible/Ongoing

    Flight "Save the Potcakes Bahamas "

    From: Nassau, BS-NP (FLL)
    To: Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)

    When: May 31, 2023 through June 30, 2023

    Details: Tropic Ocean Airways, Scheduled Service, we can possibly accommodate if there are cages and paperwork provided. A driver can transport to PBI. Call Kevin @ 908-914-8940

  • Travel: Stuart, FL   ✈   Yulee, FL

        1 accepted offer

    Flight "Save the Potcakes Bahamas " (Accepted)

    From: Stuart, FL (83FL)
    To: Yulee, FL (83FL)

    When: Flexible/Ongoing

  • Travel: Yulee, FL   ✈   West Palm Beach, FL

    Offer transportation for part or this leg or all of this leg

  • Destination: West Palm Beach, FL

We have an urgent need for pilots and planes to assist in transporting dogs from the Bahamas to our rescue partners in Florida and New Jersey. Our dedicated rescue partner in the Bahamas is relocating her shelter, which is a necessary move and an incredible opportunity for both her and the dogs. We have multiple rescue and shelter partnerships, and these organizations are fully prepared to accept the dogs. The majority of our partnering organizations are located in Florida and New Jersey. Our plan is to move the first large group of dogs by June 20th. Additionally, we have the capacity to accommodate smaller rescue trips to Florida on short notice and on any date that is available. If you or someone you know possesses the necessary resources, expertise and willingness to provide pilot services or access to planes for this crucial endeavor, we would greatly appreciate your support. Together, we can make a significant impact in saving the lives of these deserving animals. Please reach out to us as soon as possible if you are able to offer assistance, or if you have any leads or suggestions that could help us secure the necessary transport.

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