Pregnant Fortune needs a lift to Minnesota!

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Guiding eyes for the Blind needs your help!  We have a pregnant labrador reteriever who is currently pregnant with future guide dogs and we need to get her to St. Paul, Minnesota so she can have her puppies.

Fortune  is a member of the breeding colony at Guiding Eyes. Guiding Eyes has a long-standing relationship with a small service dog school in MN called the Minn Guide Dog Breeding Center. Each year they whelp and raise one litter for Guiding Eyes until the puppies are 8 weeks old.  Fortune and her litter will have extensive love and care while there. The puppies will be socialized to a plethora of activities, including a trip to a tool factory and the Mall of America for intensive exposure to people, sounds, and unusual objects. They will then be paired with their raisers upon their return at 8 weeks of age.

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