Senior needing transport!

Lincolnton, NC   ✈   St Joseph, MN

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  • Origin: Lincolnton, NC

  • Travel: Lincolnton, NC   ✈   St Joseph, MN

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    Flight "Senior needing transport!"

    From: Lincolnton, NC (LEX)
    To: Lexington, KY (LEX)

    When: Flexible/Ongoing

    Details: No known/forecast icing

    Flight "Senior needing transport!"

    From: Minneapolis, MN (JVL)
    To: Janesville, WI (JVL)

    When: Flexible/Ongoing

    Details: JVL is NOT my destination airport - I only put that in because it required an airport identifier. I can meet another pilot in southern WI, eastern IA, northern WI. Range of approx 250 miles from KFCM. My availability varies based on day of week but do have weekday availability and all day Sundays

  • Destination: St Joseph, MN

Tiger is a 10+ year old male that came to that came to Lincoln County Animal Services as part of a cruelty case in December 2023. When he arrived, He was in the beginning stages of Kidney disease.  Thankfully, he has been maintaining well and has weaned off of most of his medications and his fluids. He is dog friendly and is a sweet old man.  Tiger is headed to the Gray Face Rescue in St. Joseph, Minnesota where they will help to find him a loving family and a new Furever home.  If you can help with any leg of this mission, PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER BELOW.  Any questions about Tiger should be sent to McKenzie Cook at OR or call/text to 704-689-0603. THANK YOU!

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