Request A Rescue Mission


How does this work?

​Shelters submit their rescue request. The request will be reviewed by our team, and if approved, will be sent out to our volunteer pilots/drivers. At that point, the pilot(s) and/or driver(s) will "bid" on the leg(s) they wish to transport. You can have direct communication with these volunteers through the transport board. Our staff will provide assistance when necessary.

Guidelines for posting rescue requests:

  • Please only post transports of animals that are in danger and/or at risk of being euthanized. Do NOT post requests to transport personal pets.
  • You MUST have a recipient shelter for PTTR to do a transport. If you don't have a shelter, please view find a shelter.
  • PTTR CAN'T be compensated to transport animals (although donations are welcome). All our volunteers are doing this on their own time and out of their own pocket.
  • Requests that are less than 500 miles one-way are going to have the best chance of success (otherwise it will require multiple pilots/drivers). Consider driving yourself (or finding drivers) to go part of the way to accomodate our volunteer pilots/drivers if he or she are unwilling to go the whole distance.
  • Posts with photos/videos have a better chance of being seen! "A picture is worth a thousand words"

If your needs fall outside of these guidelines,
please take a look at these resources.


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