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Every year, approximately 920,000 homeless pets are euthanized in the United States (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats), primarily because of a lack of space. Pilots To The Rescue coordinates with rescue facilities all over the U.S. to find space for dogs and cats who have been abandoned or returned to animal shelters by their previous owners. By transporting pets to available shelters by air, we put them in position to quickly find new homes and loving families.

Our Mission

Pilots To The Rescue (PTTR) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, 501c3 public benefit aviation organization. Our mission is to prevent homeless pets from being euthanized and give them the best possible chance at a better life.

Do you want to help save the lives of dogs and cats all over the United States? Pilots To The Rescue’s work is sustained by the dedication of our incredible donors, partners, and volunteers. We absolutely mean it when we say that every donation - no matter the size - makes a difference in how many lives we’re able to save.

Pilots to the Rescue at the airport on a rescue mission

Here’s how you can support PTTR:

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2024 Mission Stats

26 Missions
34634 Miles
363 Souls
172 Dogs
189 Cats
2 Other

2024 Goal: 5000 Souls!

For our full record of rescues since our inception in 2015, check out our Total Mission Stats

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Over the weekend, Pilots to the Rescue embarked on another life-changing rescue mission, saving 32 cats in dire need of love and care. Each with a unique tale of resilience and hope.

🐱 Sherman and Willow’s Race Against Time: Their story began in an apartment, where their owners faced the heart-wrenching threat of eviction. In their care were a mother cat and her three little kittens. With the local shelter at capacity, they reached out to the Wise County Humane Society, marking the start of a hopeful journey for these five souls.

🐈 A Home Full of Heart, Now Full of Hope: Loretta, Sweetie, Luna, Daisy, Sky, Baby, and Alex’s tale is one of unexpected turns. Their owner, facing eviction for taking in a pregnant stray, found herself in a dire situation as the little family grew. With the shelter unable to take more intakes, Wise County Humane Society stepped in to help.

📦 AJ’s Box of Hope: AJ’s life began in a box at a construction site. Tiny, vulnerable, but full of spirit, he was discovered and brought into the caring arms of the rescue, ready for a new chapter.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this mission, especially PTTR’s road warrriors Albert & Adrian, and the Wise County Humane Society for their unwavering dedication. Let’s celebrate these small victories, for they pave the way to greater triumphs in animal rescue.

As we share these tales, we invite you to join us in our ongoing mission. Your support, whether through donations, sharing our stories, or volunteering, helps us create more happy endings.

Here’s to the heroes, both human and feline, of this weekend’s mission – you make the world a better place. 🙏

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🐾✨ Why Adopt a Cat? Share this post to help our feline friends find forever homes! 📢💖

1️⃣ Purrfect Companions: Cats provide endless entertainment and cuddles. They’re the kings and queens of coziness and experts in snuggle-fests! 😻👑

2️⃣ Low Maintenance, High Reward: Unlike their canine counterparts, cats are pretty self-sufficient. A little food, water, and a clean litter box, and they’re all set for royal living. 🥘💧

3️⃣ Stress Busters: Feeling stressed? There’s nothing like the soothing purr of a content cat to melt your worries away. 🧘‍♂️😌

4️⃣ Eco-Friendly Pets: Cats have a smaller carbon footprint compared to some pets. They eat less and prefer sustainable toys like cardboard boxes and paper rolls! 🌍♻️

5️⃣ Master Rodent Repellents: Say goodbye to unwelcome critters! Cats are natural hunters and will keep your home free from pesky pests. 🐁🚫

6️⃣ Long-Term Companions: With a lifespan of 15-20 years, cats are long-term companions who grow and evolve with you. 📆❤️

7️⃣ Rescue Cats Rescue Hearts: Adopting a cat from a shelter not only saves a life, but opens a spot for another kitty in need. 🏠💕

8️⃣ Perfect for Any Home: Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, cats adapt easily to different living spaces and lifestyles. 🏢🏡

9️⃣ Independently Loving: Cats might cherish their independence, but when they choose to love you, it’s a special kind of devotion. 🖤😽

🔟 Endless Variety: From fluffy Persians to sleek Siamese, there’s a cat for every personality and preference. Diversity at its finest! 🌈🐱

Ready to find your feline friend? Visit your local shelter today and discover the joy of cat companionship. 🐾🏠 #AdoptDontShop #CatLovers #FelineFriends #RescueCatsRock 🎥 @bryan_unable 👨‍✈️ @bobby.aaronson
Triumph on Three Paws: Meeko’s Miraculous Journey 🐾✈️

We’re overjoyed to share an another rescue mission success story - a true testament to what happens when compassion and action collide.

Meet Meeko, the adorable tri-paw Bluetick Coonhound, who found himself on the euthanasia list at Lancaster County Animal Shelter in SC. His story could have ended there, but fate, and a few kind hearts, had other plans. 🌟

Enter Big Dog Ranch Rescue from Florida - a haven for dogs, and the largest cage-free, no-kill dog rescue in the US. With over 100 cage-free bunk rooms, it’s a paradise for pups like Meeko, offering a second chance at life. And guess who’s been there? None other than @mrbeast who held an adoption event at this very rescue! Check out their incredible facility and the work they do: @bigdogranchrescue

🛩️ The hero of our story, volunteer pilot Ken Bickel, flew from Lancaster, SC, to Palm Beach County Airport on Tuesday 1/30, bridging the gap between despair and hope for Meeko. The heartwarming handoff at the airport, captured in our photos, marks the beginning of Meeko’s new chapter.

We’re in awe of the dedication shown by everyone involved in Meeko’s rescue, from the shelter volunteers to Ken, and the team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Each of them played a pivotal role in rewriting Meeko’s destiny.

This is what our self-service transport board is all about – connecting those who need help with those who can offer it. Meeko’s journey from a shelter in South Carolina to a loving rescue in Florida is a beautiful example of the power of community.

Let’s rally behind Meeko as he awaits his forever family in the nurturing care of Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Share his story, spread the word, and let’s keep creating happy tales & tails for more like him. 🐶

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Are you looking for a way to give back and help save animals? At Pilots to the Rescue, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities, and we need your skills and passion! Whether you’re in the sky or on the ground, there’s a place for you in our mission. Here’s how you can get involved:

1️⃣ Pilots with Planes: Have a plane and ready to fly for a cause? Join us on life-saving missions! ✈️🐾

2️⃣ Drivers with Vehicles: Drive the change on the ground by transporting animals to safety. 🚗🐶

3️⃣ Shelter Partnerships: Represent a shelter? Partner with us to provide animals a new home. 🏡💕

4️⃣ Photographers & Videographers: Capture the heartwarming moments of rescue and help share our story. 📸🎥

5️⃣ Influencers: Use your social reach to help us spread awareness about overcrowding in animal shelters. 💞

🌟 To get started, visit, create an account, and let us know how you’d like to help. We’ll notify you when opportunities arise in your area.

Every action counts, and together, we can make a huge impact in the lives of animals in need. Share this post, tag a friend who might be interested, and join us in our mission to rescue and protect. 🐶🐱💙

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🚁✨ Need a Rescue Mission? Here’s How to Request One with Pilots to the Rescue! 🛩️🐾

At Pilots to the Rescue, we’re dedicated to saving animals in danger and at risk of euthanasia. If you know an animal needing rescue, we’re here to help connect you with our amazing network of volunteer pilots and drivers. Here’s how to get started:

1️⃣ Head over to our website: and fill out the rescue request form.

2️⃣ Our team will review your request, and once approved, we’ll broadcast it to our volunteers who can bid to help with the transport.

📌 Guidelines to Remember:

• We focus on animals at risk, not personal pet transports.
• Ensure you have a recipient shelter arranged.
• Our service is free, but donations are always appreciated to support our mission!
• Best success for missions under 500 miles.

💡 Remember, while we strive to accommodate, we can’t guarantee all requests due to the volunteer nature of our missions. Your understanding and cooperation make all the difference.

📧 Questions or special circumstances? Contact us at

Let’s work together to give these animals a new lease on life. Share this post to spread the word – you might just save a life! 🐶🐱💙

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Paws Across Miles: A Two-Day Rescue Mission 🚗🐾

Since yesterday, PTTR’s devoted driver Albert has been on a heartfelt mission with It Takes A Village Rescue, navigating the roads from Southern Pines, NC to Farmington, CT. His precious cargo? 16 cats, 2 Chiwawa puppies, and 6 additional puppies - each one a bundle of hope and potential.

Today, as Albert meets with Nancy from Cape Ann Animal Aid, we’re reminded of the incredible journey each of these animals has made. From uncertain beginnings to a future filled with love and care, these little ones are on the road to a new life.

Every mile driven is a step closer to safety and love for these 24 furry souls.

📣 How can you help?
- 💖 Donate: Your support fuels more life-saving missions like this one. Every contribution makes a difference.
- 🔄 Share: Spread the word! The more people know about our missions, the greater the impact we can make.
- 🐾 Volunteer or Adopt: Get involved directly and be a part of an animal’s journey to a forever home, or contact our shelter partners, if you are able to foster or adopt.

#ItTakesAVillage #PawsAcrossMiles #RescueMission #AnimalRescue #DriveToSaveLives #AdoptDontShop #CapeAnnAnimalAid #RescueOnTheRoad 🐱🐶🚐💕
🐾🛩️ Every action, big or small, contributes to our mission of saving at-risk animals! Whether it’s through a donation, creating a fundraiser, volunteering, or simply sharing our story, you can be a hero in these animals’ lives. 🌟

💙 Donating is easy and impactful - choose the way that works best for you! Visit our link in bio to explore options like one-time gifts, monthly donations, corporate giving, and more.

🎉 Not able to donate? No problem! Rally your friends and family by starting a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser. It’s a fun way to support our cause and bring our community together.

🔄 Even a simple share of this post can lead to great things. Spreading the word increases awareness and can connect us with future rescuers, donors, and volunteers.

Your support is the wind beneath our wings! 💕✈️

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Each newsletter is a beautifully designed journey into the heart of Pilots to the Rescue. We bring you up close and personal with the animals we’ve saved – sharing their journey from rescue to their forever homes. 🏡💕 You’ll learn about where they’ve settled, how they’re adapting, and the joy they’re bringing to their new families.

But that’s not all! Our newsletter is packed with bonus content – from expert adoption tips to special treats that make life with your furry friend even better. 🐕🐈

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🌟 Calling All Pet Brands: Let’s Collaborate & Save Lives! 🐾✈️

We have an exciting invitation for all the amazing pet brands out there. Want to join an adventure that saves lives and showcases your brand’s dedication to social good? We’re looking for partners to sponsor a rescue mission!

📸 Did you notice the Fi dog collar on our rescued pup? @Fi.dogs are one of our pawesome partners! 🐾

Here’s why collaborating with Pilots to the Rescue is a win-win:

🐶 Direct Impact on Animal Lives: Partner with us on rescue missions, helping save animals at risk and spreading awareness about the importance of adoption.

🚀 Elevate Your Brand: Align your brand with positive change, showing customers your commitment to crucial social causes.

📈 Expand Your Reach: Gain exposure to our dedicated community of animal lovers and advocates, boosting your brand’s visibility and customer engagement.

💡 Create Inspiring Content: Collaborate on content that resonates with audiences, telling real stories of hope and rescue.

💰 Boost Sales through Social Good: Customers love brands that give back. Your collaboration with us can drive sales and build a loyal customer base.

👏 Engage Your Team: Involve your employees in a mission that brings joy and satisfaction, enhancing team spirit and morale.

Let’s work together to make a bigger impact in the animal rescue world. If you’re a pet brand looking to make a difference, we want to hear from you!

📣 And to our amazing PTTR community: Tag your favorite pet brands in the comments! Let them know about this pawesome opportunity to join a mission that saves lives and creates heartwarming stories.

💌 DM us or visit to explore how we can collaborate and make a difference together! 🌍❤️🐾

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🌟 Mission Success: Pixie’s Journey to a New Beginning! 🐾✈️

This past Saturday January 20th, we witnessed an incredible tale of rescue and hope. Pixie, a young Shih Tzu, faced the unimaginable - losing her entire litter, including undergoing a c-section that revealed her puppies had not survived. 😢 Living in the shelter, Pixie yearned for comfort and love, a solace after her painful loss.

Enter the heroes of this story: Carly Minnis and her son Benji, from The Minnis Sanctuary in Maine, stepped forward to give Pixie the life she deserves. Their non-profit sanctuary is a haven where animals find peace and the care they need.

The journey from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island to Maine was made possible by the incredible Jenna Rouillard, a volunteer pilot with a big heart. Jenna @planeslovejesus, flew down to Long Island, ensuring Pixie’s safe passage to her new home.

🙋‍♀️ Want to be part of more success stories? Check out our mission map 🗺️ on our website to see recent rescue requests posted by our community that require emergency transport services, and offer your support as a volunteer pilot or driver.

#RescueMissionSuccess #PixiesNewBeginnings #PilotsToTheRescue #VolunteerHeroes #AnimalRescue #ShihTzuLove #SanctuaryLife #AdoptDontShop #AviationForGood 🚁💙🐕
🕊️💔 With a heavy heart, we share the tragic news of the passing of one of our volunteers @michelleyoung17. Michelle, a beautiful soul, devoted single mother, and brave soldier, has left us too soon. Her loss is a profound reminder that behind every smile can be struggles we know nothing about.

Michelle’s spirit of service extended to her volunteer work with Pilots to the Rescue. We remember her crucial role in an emergency rescue mission last year. Her dedication during that challenging mission, when Paw Force One encountered an oil leak in Kentucky, exemplified her courage and commitment. That long night, our founder drove through the night with Michelle, Brooke, & all the pups to get everyone back home safely, a journey we’ll never forget.

Her passing deeply saddens us and underscores the often silent battles many of us face. Today, we not only honor Michelle’s memory but also aim to support her beloved daughter G, who was Michelle’s entire world.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist G during this incredibly difficult time. While no amount of support can fill the void left by Michelle, it’s a way for us to show solidarity and care for her daughter, just as Michelle cared for so many.

Please consider supporting:
🔗 Link in story

As we mourn Michelle’s loss, let’s hold her daughter and all who loved Michelle in our thoughts. Let this be a reminder to reach out, connect, and support each other, acknowledging the battles often hidden from view.

Michelle, you will be deeply missed, and your legacy of kindness and bravery will continue to inspire us. 🕊️💙

#InMemoryOfMichelle #SupportingEachOther #PilotsToTheRescue #MentalHealthAwareness #ReachOut #VolunteerLove #CommunitySupport #RestInPeace
🌟 Exciting News! Pilots to the Rescue has achieved the Platinum Seal of Transparency with @CandidDotOrg! 🚀🐾

We’re thrilled to share that our dedication to openness and accountability has been recognized with the highest level of transparency by Candid. This Platinum Seal is a testament to our commitment to making a real difference in the world of animal rescue.

🔍 Explore our impact at: Discover the strides we’re making in saving lives and changing the narrative for animals in need.

💌 Join our monthly newsletter to stay updated on our latest missions and see how your contributions are making an impact. Follow us on our journey to save more lives and create a better world for our furry friends. 🌍❤️


Huge thanks to @CandidDotOrg for this honor and for helping us amplify our mission.

#CandidPlatinum #TransparencyMatters #PilotsToTheRescue #AnimalRescue #GuideStarPlatinum #NonprofitExcellence #SaveLives #AdoptDontShop #RescueMission #MakeADifference 🌟🐾 📷 @fly.with.shannon - PTTR Volunteer

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