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Rescues Needing Pilots

This map shows some of our missions that you can fly and rescue animals. We are grateful for your participation at whatever level works best for you. When you fly, how often you fly and whom you fly are all up to you. The shelters understand that we don’t guarantee service. However, if you decide to cancel, we would appreciate notice as soon as possible and/or finding a substitute pilot for your leg/mission.
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Pilot: This map shows flights needing pilots. You can help by joining and signing up to fly one of these missions.
Latest News From PTTR
PTTR Rescue #2

Made Possible by the ASPCA. Thank you to: Patrick Lofvenholm, Friends of Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter, Animals R Family and Creative Media Group, LLC. #PilotstotheRescue #PTTR #ASPCA

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PTTR’s First Official Rescue

Saved 9 furry souls from Easton, MD to Philadelphia, PA! Thanks to Chances Angel Rescue & Education, Inc C.A.R.E. Photos by Creative Media Group, LLC. Rescue made possible by the ASPCA#PilotstotheRescue #PTTR #ASPCA

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The Problem

According to the Humane Society, as many as 4 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States. This is UNACCEPTABLE. With your help, we CAN reduce these statistics and spread awareness about this huge problem.

The Mission

Pilots to the Rescue's mission is to save potential pets facing imminent death utilizing an advanced rescue flight system. Enrolling a network of trained pilots, shelters, ground teams and veterinarians, PTTR gives little souls filled with unconditional love a second chance in a furever home.

Key Differentiators

  • PTTR developed an EASY-TO-USE, convenient system for coordination of rescue flights that makes efficient use of your time and energy so shelters can focus on saving animals and pilots can do what they do best!
  • PTTR is the FIRST animal rescue group utilizing the same advanced rescue flight system as Angel Flight West, Patient Airlift Services and other medical flight organizations. This system ensures maximum efficiencies to increase the number of rescues.
  • PTTR respects your COMMITMENT to the cause and will reward your time and effort through recognition and an engaging web community. As if saving animals wasn't enough!
  • PTTR is VESTED into creating a superior eco-system for animal rescue. Through a series of development sprints, PTTR will continually upgrade their service to ensure the best system that suits your needs.
  • Finally, and most importantly, PTTR is a non-profit organization DEDICATED to eradicating animal euthanasia not only through air transport but by spreading awareness that rescues make the best pets worthy of any home!
PTTR's Goal: Calling ALL pet lovers, get involved TODAY and help PTTR eradicated animal euthanasia!