Help Reunite Nyota with her owner from OH to PA

Columbus, OH   ✈   PGH INT ARPRT, PA

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This dog is the puppy of a rescued dog from the streets of West Puerto Rico. Her name is Nyota, which means "Star" in Swahili. When she was a puppy, she and her sister got lost for 2 nights and 3 days. The owners and her mama were searching endlessly. They wished upon a star that she would return. The morning after, Nyota was found at a neighbors house being taken care of. She was so excited to see her mama again.  In Puerto Rico there is a high kill rate for animals and there is a high abandonment rate especially around Hurricane Season (September-December). 

The owner had to leave Puerto Rico due to the complications from Hurricane Ida (2022) and now lives in Pennsylvania. 

Nyota will come in a crate and is being transported via boat to Miami.  Vaccines are current.

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