Help small kittens get to the rockies! Dates are flexible!

Danville, IL   ✈   Longmont, CO

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We currently have ample resources available at Soul Dog Rescue for neonatal kittens with immediate foster homes ready. There is a high demand for kittens and Vermillion County Animal Control unfortunately has a high euthanasia rate for kittens under 8 weeks. We will only need a few carriers to transfer 3-4 litters of kittens, but if there is space for more, we'd love to utilize it. I am the veterinarian for Soul Dog Rescue and the receiver. My previous professor at the University of Illinois, Dr. Fischer, is the sending party on the Vermillion side. The dates are flexible, as are the regional airports.

If you can help with any legs of this mission or fly/drive the entire distance, PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER BELOW. Any questions about this mission should be sent to Kelsey at THANK YOU!

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Feel free to ask questions or list conditions in your offer. Once your offer has been accepted you can contact other the mission owner and participants to coordinate mission details.

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