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There is so much that goes into a rescue from coordinating with shelters to scheduling flights and finding volunteers. We like to highlight the amazing people who help us transfer at risk dogs to more promising locations. By doing so, we hope to inspire you and give you that warm fuzzy feeling that comes when you our pictures of pups going to their forever home.


If you love what we do and, have in fact been inspired to help, we have an amazing opportunity available. This month we have partnered with CharityBuzz to help fund upcoming rescues. We don’t know about you but we like to help as many dogs get adopted as possible! Anyway, this partnership has enabled us to arrange for the highest bidder to meet American Idol star, Constantine Meroulis! They will also be featured in our 2018 calendar! By the way, if you haven’t already purchased our 2017 calendar, they are only $9.95 with shipping included. In addition to getting your animal rescue featured in our upcoming calendar, you will also be given tickets to one of Constantine’s upcoming events and of course have a photo shoot with him and your pup.

If you’d like to donate and place a bid, keep in mind this opportunity is only available until January 12th.

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Rocket and Jackie’s Incredible Story

The average rescue involves volunteer transportation through our network of local pilots but this rescue was different. Rocket and Jackie, the two dogs that were rescued, not only were adopted as a result of relocation but they also got to live in luxury during their flight. That’s right! These lucky pups experienced a private jet rescue! This is the very first, and hopefully not the last time Pilots to the Rescue had a corporate airline volunteer their services. Imagine how many more rescues could happen if more companies like Turnberry Associates were to get involved.


Older dogs like Rocket and Jackie often find themselves in shelters where the likelihood of being adopted is very low. The Humane Society of Miami was the temporary home for these two pups and the team in Florida knew the only way to find the dogs a home was to get them out of the shelter. That is where their journey began.

The destination? Canada.

The Coastal K9 Shelter in Nova Scotia to be exact. It was quite the exciting journey for these dogs too. They endured multiple stops and stays at various boarding facilities along the way up the east coast. They even got to experience a flight in a private jet where they met David Blaine. A private flight and a celebrity? Yes! We believe our rescue dogs deserve the best of the best during transport. In fact, during the flight with Turnberry Associates, the dogs were able to wander freely instead of being in their cages. This flight took the dogs from Miami (Opa-lopa Executive Airport) to Teterboro, New Jersey.



After the dogs stepped off their luxurious jet, Transporters Without Borders were there to help them to their destination in Canada. Sylvia, Director and Coordinator of Transporters Without Borders, told us that Jackie was a bit shy on the trip but Rocket was full of energy. “He certainly doesn’t seem to be 10 years old!”, she says. Because the flight got in later than expected, the boarding facility that was going foster Rocket and Jackie, had already closed. Fortunately, our friends associated with the private jet (Brooke Soffer) knew a family in NYC that could foster the dogs. The Welch family gladly volunteered their Manhattan home for the two pups and thanks to them, Rocket and Jackie were one step closer to their destination.

The first stop after New York was the Eagle K9 Academy in Bethany, CT. Rocket and Jackie stayed the night under the care of the outstanding father and son team who run the academy. They have such a soft spot for rescue dogs that the son and his wife adopted Jackie!



From there, Rocket made his way further up the coast with the help of Yvette from the transportation team. He stayed the night at Shantel’s Waggin’ Tails just over the border and the next day made it to the rescue in Nova Scotia. He has recently been adopted by a loving family.



Everyone who was part of this journey from David Blaine and Turnberry Associates to Transporters without Borders and all of the boarding facilities deserves the biggest thanks. Without volunteering your services, this rescue may not have happened. The plane used to transport from Miami to New Jersey is owned by Turnberry Associates.

About Turnberry Associates:

Turnberry Associates is one of America’s premier real estate development and property management companies. Founded more than 50 years ago, the company’s diverse projects have revolutionized the living, working, leisure and shopping habits of millions of people across the country.

Turnberry Associates has to its credit the development of more than $8 billion in commercial and residential property including approximately 20 million square feet of retail space, more than 7,000 apartments and condominium units, 1.5 million square feet of class “A” office space and in excess of 3,000 hotel and resort rooms.  The company’s diverse residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects have received accolades for revolutionizing the living, working, leisure and shopping habits of millions of people across the country. From Turnberry Ocean Colony, Porto Vita, Aventura Mall, Turnberry Ocean Club, Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach and Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura to signature properties in Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and the Bahamas, Turnberry Associates is known for superb quality and impeccable service.

Rescuing Barkley, Captain, Wiggles, and Baby

For some dogs like Baby and Captain, a trip to another shelter is just a day in the life.  For others, it is what their life depends on. On November 9th, 2016 pilots Billy and Shane helped transport 4 young, healthy dogs from a busy Texas shelter to the Rutland Humane Society in Vermont. Here, their chances for adoption are exponentially higher.


Their Story

For Barkley, the 43-pound black lab, and Wiggles the spotted black and white border collie mix, this flight gave them a chance at a long, happy life. Because these two pups are what the Texas shelter labels as “critical needs dogs”, their time in the lone star state was quickly running out.


Tawana, from the Society for Companion Animals, informed us “[Barkley] kept getting passed up; big black dogs are hard to adopt in Texas”. She has a point. In fact, there is even a name for this phenomenon. It is known as Black Dog Syndrome, or BDS. According to, big black dogs spend four times the number of weeks on the site as other pets. This is also true in shelters across the country. Likely due to media portrayal and unclear facial features the aversion to black pets remains a problem.


The Flight

The pilots involved, Billy and Shane had the opportunity to help out these canines arrive safely at their destination and took it without a second thought. For them, helping someone out, dog or person, is always worth their time.

Beginning their journey in Farmingdale, NY, the pilots were off to the rescue. After flying to Westchester, they picked up Captain, Baby, Wiggles, and Barkley at Million Air.  Isn’t it amazing what people will do for animals? The airport was even nice enough to waive any fees associated with the trip. Once the dogs finished gazing out the windows, their excitement transitioned into a long nap that lasted most of the flight. Finally, the dogs safely land in Vermont at the KRUT Rutland Airport, where the four pups were taken to the Humane Society.

Adoption Details

Now, you can find the dogs on Rutland Humane Society’s adoption page. Each dog has a unique personality and loving nature. They have a lot of energy and are ready to put it to good use loving the family who chooses to adopt them.

Find out more about Captain, Barkley, Wiggles, and Baby here.

From Texas to Vermont: What it Takes to Rescue

From the desolate country in southern Texas to the welcoming families in Vermont, countless dogs have been saved from euthanasia. In Texas, hundreds of stray dogs run loose close to the Mexico border. In these rural areas, specifically the Rio Grande Valley, the only real chance at survival is the Society for Companion Animals. This organization works to gather strays from smaller shelters so they can transport them to better populated parts of the country, thus increasing their chances for adoption.
The work isn’t always glamorous but a simple gesture, like an excited tail wag, or a successful adoption makes it all worthwhile. Transporting dogs out of rural Texas requires early mornings and coordination between a no kill animal rescue that drives the animals to the airport, and the shelters involved. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it should be. Coordinating transport is one thing but other variables, like the weather, cannot be controlled.


These non-profit shelters don’t do it alone, however, and that is where Pilots to the Rescue comes in. With bad weather comes pilots who may not be able to fly from one shelter to the next. In the case of dogs Fred, Alice, Canella, and Gregory it was pilot Pavlo and copilot James who helped make the rescue magic happen.


With the additional help and hard work from Yvette of Transporters Without Borders, and Beth of Rutland Humane Society, these four dogs could made it out of Texas. Happily placed in their new homes, these dogs, once so close to death, are never without a reason to wag their tail.


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Shane and Michael to the Rescue!


9/14/16 – Superstar Pilot Shane Persaud and Founder/Pilot Michael Schneider rescued these 4 furry friends from Farmingdale, NY (KFRG) to Rutland, VT (KRUT). Things didn’t go as planned, weather caused a diversion to Glen Falls an hour away. Michael flew the leg there mostly in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). On the way back, Pilot Shane Persaud battled convective weather (thunderstorms and low visibility) shooting a GPS approach back into Republic Airport in Farmingdale. All in all, it was worth it!

Dogs originally came from Texas via: Society for Companion Animals
Ground Crew: Transporters Without Borders
Dogs can be adopted from Rutland County Humane Society

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